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Here begins the index constructed with wondrous craft based on the preceding work.

~ Brother Ludovicus a Turri  

Preface to index of  

Moralia super totam bibliam, 

Nicholas de Lyra , 1481 






Welcome to AdVerbum Book Works. I specialize in designing back-of-the book indexes that are well structured, user-friendly and provide lasting value.

Why include an index prepared by a professional indexer? Indexers identify, assimilate and gather important concepts in a text, providing consistent and useful access points for readers. The American Society for Indexing (ASI) outlines additional qualities skilled indexers possess that contribute to the quality of an index - perspective, a sense of proportion and priority, patience, speed, technical training, experience, knowledge of publishing practice, and the ability to use these skills under the pressure of deadlines. ASI also  urges authors, publishers and booksellers to consider the potential financial impact of a well designed index in bookstore sales, text adoptions and reviews. For more information on indexing and working with indexers, visit ASI's website.

Understanding the importance of a skillfully crafted index simplifies the decision of working with a professional indexer ... why would one not include an index prepared by a professional?

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Dona B. Roell